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Anonymous asked: Oh who's your boyfriend??? And you may never know :P

Are you on any other social media?! You are killing me. I can’t figure out who knows about my relationship, but not about the city in which I reside… help.

Anonymous asked: Are you still in a relationship?

Yeaaaaa. Are you the person who asked me if I still lived in Sherman? You still have me puzzled as to who you are…


President Obama came down hard on gun-control laws during today’s Tumblr Q&A. See the president’s full response on gun control here.

I just don’t understand why almost NOTHING is being done about guns?! No regulation, banning, or even laws about it? As a developed country, this is really embarrassing. Too many times I have heard foreigners talk about our gun violence and it just tarnishes the idea of the US being a model country that so many people dream about. Sorry, but while our country is amazing and better off than other countries in many aspects that I’m thankful for, we are not the greatest country in the world when we are becoming okay with innocent people being killed needlessly and move on like it isn’t going to happen to anyone we know. US is really getting out of control with gun violence. 

I think two things need to happen:
1) Something like a “if you voluntarily take a life, you owe your life” kind of punishment needs to be instilled. No ____ years in prison, or parole. Death penalty immediately for any homicide. Taking someone’s life is just a big deal and needs to be punished more seriously.

2) I know this is against the 2nd amendment, but I really don’t think anyone except law enforcement needs access to guns. I only say this because if nobody were to have guns, there would always be one rebellious civilian that would be able to take more lives before someone could stop him/her. And I would hope law enforcement wouldn’t abuse their power of being one of the few selected people with guns. We have clearly shown that we are not responsible enough to own guns in our houses. I guess here rises the idea of people not feeling protected in their own homes, but how do other countries do it? And although I am against hunting just for the heck of it, if someone needs to hunt, guns need to be checked out and then checked in after use. 

Shootings really rile me up.